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After Care for Dentures and Partials

  1. If your Denture or Partial breaks, do not throw base or teeth away. There is a possibility that it could be repaired./li>
  2. Do not immerse Denture or Partial in Bleach or Laundry detergent.
  3. If your Denture cracks, contact our office immediately.
  4. If you experience any discomfort, contact our office immediately for an adjustment.
  5. Immediate Dentures: Do not remove for the first 24 hours.
  6. Immediate Dentures: You will need several cold cure relines within 6 - 12 months, followed by a permanent lab reline that is an additional cost.
  7. Partials:Do not use tarnish removers to clean chrome.
  8. Partials:Do not try and bend chrome with any tools, if they need adjustment contact our office for an appointment.
  9. Do not drink from a straw for at least 10 full days. This can cause the clot in the extraction area to come out which could cause a dry socket.
  10. Bony Edges After teeth are extracted, the patient may feel hard projections in the mouth and think they are roots. These are the hard bony partitions which surround the root of the teeth. They will heal normally and are no cause for alarm.